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AP English is a year-long intensive study of literature, exploring essays and creative nonfiction, drama, poetry, short stories, and the novel. The goal is to become a critical reader, parsing structure, theme, and style and considering imagery, symbolism, irony, tone, and other literary elements to form ideas about each work. To foster this kind of critical reading, students will also read a series of text-related critical essays introducing major literary philosophical movements. Frequent writing assignments encourage students to translate their careful reading into critical writing, with feedback and instruction to support clear, precise word choice; effective, coherent structure; sentence variety; well-chosen specific textual support; and generally engaging style. Student essays will be graded following the AP test rubric, and students will keep vocabulary lists and take occasional AP practice test sections throughout the year.

This is an Advanced Placement class that prepares students to take the AP Test in English Literature and Composition. As such, students should be prepared to do rigorous, college-level work, including extensive weekly reading and writing assignments. Students should expect to spend several hours working outside of class each week.

Interested students must submit proof of previous high school literature classes (a parent-made transcript is fine) and at least one academic essay, including citations, to be accepted to this class. Students must also commit to completing a summer reading assignment before the first day of class this fall.

This is an AP class. Students who earn an A will receive a 5.0 on their official transcript.

Wednesday, 11:05 a.m.-12:35 p.m.
Amy Sharony
Prerequisites: At least three high school literature classes and instructor approval (see description)
Credits: 1.0 (English Language Arts) for the FULL YEAE CLASS
Maximum Enrollment: 6
FEE: $400/semester

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