Jason Sharony


Jason is a Spanish and mathematics teacher with a passion for art and languages. He came to his love of math later in life and loves helping other students discover that they actually like math, too. He has nearly two decades of experience teaching public school students, private school students, and homeschool students in the Atlanta area.

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Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12:20-1 p.m.


The desire to help students develop academic proficiency, the drive to achieve that proficiency in a self-directed way, and the skills to apply that proficiency toward their own ideas of future success inspired Jason to help found The Academy in 2016.  Jason earned his B.A. in Romance Languages at the University of Georgia and spent a semester abroad at the University of Madrid. Jason attended law school at Northeastern University in Boston and has been a licensed neuromuscular therapist. Jason teaches individual and group classes in Spanish and high school math to homeschool students around the metro Atlanta area; he also tutors public and private high school school students.