The High School Experience at The Academy

Our full curriculum class for the 2017-18 academic year is almost full.

We believe The Academy combines the best parts of homeschooling — self-directed, individual, passion-driven learning — with the best part of traditional school — college and career guidance, opportunities for advanced-level classes and social activities, and learning from a variety of teaching styles.

CHART YOUR OWN COURSE  Students at The Academy work one-on-one with faculty mentors to set their own academic and personal goals within The Academy’s class structure. Because we’re a non-traditional school, we believe that what you do outside the classroom is just as important as what you do in the classroom, and we’ll help you build a program of study that incorporates—and gives you credit for—your passions.

START WHERE YOU ARE  We recognize that students come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a wide variety of academic experiences. Our small, multi-grade classes make it easy for students to work ahead of their grade level, on grade level, or to catch up where they need to without having to fit into a rigid structure.

GET REAL POST-HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE  Students at The Academy get one-on-one college support, including transcripts, test prep for college entrance exams, placement tests, and AP tests, recommendation letters, application assistance, essay review, and more. But that’s not all: All Academy grads finish high school with a professional resume and ideally at least one meaningful internship or apprenticeship.

LEARN TO LEARN  Our liberal arts, critical thinking-focused curriculum and skills-specific workshops help students build the educational foundation they need to know how to learn, whether they end up pursuing a STEM career, starting a business, or studying philosophy.

As a full-time student, you’ll experience a coordinated, collaborative liberal arts high school education. Full-time students attend classes two days a week and (optionally) enrichment group sessions on Fridays, which may include short-session classes, workshops, field trips, seminars, labs, and other activities. The remainder of the week, students will work on class projects and assignments and spend time pursuing their outside interests. 

Full-time enrollment is based around the contract system, which allows students to determine and articulate their personal academic goals. Students all follow the same curriculum but team up with academic mentors to create an individualized learning experience within that curriculum so that students learn what they need to learn to go where they want to go. Students in the same class will have different focuses and assignments, adding richness and diversity to class discussions. 

Your tuition as a full-time student includes:

  • Ten hours of classroom instruction each week (over a two-day period), totaling six credit hours per year
  • Enrichment Friday classes (an optional roster of optional academic enrichment, including workshops, classes, and social activities)
  • Optional Friday math and writing labs
  • Required textbooks (to be returned at the end of the semester) and curriculum materials 
  • One-on-one mentor support to discuss academic, career, and college planning. (This includes helping students create their learning contracts, navigate and meet the requirements for dual enrollment, internship and apprenticeship support, and guidance for college applications, recommendations, and requirements.)
  • Full transcript for each enrolled semester 

Tuition is $5,000 per year, payable in nine monthly installments of $555.56. You must pay a $100 deposit (deducted from your first monthly payment) when you register to secure your spot.


9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
(Classes begin promptly at 10 a.m.)

10-11 a.m. : Office Hours
11 a.m.-2 p.m. : Enrichment/Potluck Lunch

We follow the university model, so classes start late (after Labor Day) and finish early (in April) with a substantial holiday break. View the 2017-18 academic calendar.

The Academy follows a four-year academic cycle. Students can join class at any point during the cycle.

Our 2017-18 academic year falls in the Classics Year. Students will focus on ancient world history, especially Greek and Roman history, and read a wide and challenging selection of literature, philosophy, and history from this period. This year's science focus in astronomy.