Welcome to the Academy.

We believe education should be:


We believe that students come to us with a diverse range of learning styles, academic backgrounds, and educational needs. Your education at the Academy is as unique as you are.


Teachers at The Academy work together to create a supportive, challenging, and enriching academic environment. Each full-time student works one-on-one with a faculty mentor throughout the year to help students stay on track with your long- and short-term goals.


The Academy operates on the contract system, allowing students to define their own academic goals. We believe students thrive when they strive to meet the challenges they’ve chosen for themselves.


The Academy is a liberal arts hybrid high school in Dunwoody, Ga. Following the university model, full-time enrollment classes meet twice a week, covering a full schedule of academic courses. Full-time students enrolled from 9th to 12th grade will graduate with a minimum of 25 credits. (For comparison, the state of Georgia requires 23 credits for high school graduation.)



To give students the skills and confidence they need to embrace a lifetime of learning adventures on whatever paths they choose to make for themselves.



  • Students learn best when they’re learning what they need and want to know in pursuit of their own passions and goals.
  • Education should be personalized for each student.
  • Students thrive when they have the support and guidance of academic mentors.
  • A strong liberal arts and critical thinking foundation empowers students to succeed in any field and prepares them to be lifetime learners.