The Academy at a Glance

  • Founded in 2016

  • Classes began in 2016 with 11 students

  • Current enrollment: 17 students

  • Student/teacher ratio: 3.5/1

  • Secular learning environment

  • 1 class graduated

  • One-on-one student mentoring

  • University model classes meet twice a week

  • Diverse and supportive student body

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Our Mission

A high school education should give students the foundation they need to tackle whatever they want to do next, and middle school should be an opportunity to build the skills, community, and curiosity that will propel students into their best high school experience.

  • We believe students come to us with a diverse range of learning styles, academic backgrounds, and educational needs. Your education at the Academy is as unique as you are.

  • Teachers at The Academy work together to create a supportive, challenging, and enriching academic environment. Each full-time student works one-on-one with a faculty mentor throughout the year to help students stay on track with your long- and short-term goals.

  • The Academy operates on the contract system, allowing students to define their own academic goals. We believe students thrive when they strive to meet the challenges they’ve chosen for themselves.

  • Our goal is to give students the skills and confidence they need to embrace a lifetime of learning adventures on whatever paths they choose to make for themselves.

Our History

Long-time educators Jason Sharony and Shelly Denkinger founded the Academy in 2016 to bring students the best of two worlds: the creative, student-led, interest-driven homeschool experience combined with the academically supportive, post-high school preparation students get in a more traditional school environment. 


Our Core Values

  • Students learn best when they’re learning what they need and want to know in pursuit of their own passions and goals.

  • Education should be personalized for each student.

  • Students thrive when they have the support and guidance of academic mentors.

  • A strong liberal arts and critical thinking foundation empowers students to succeed in any field and prepares them to be lifetime learners.

Our Team


Junior High Math
Beginning Spanish

High School Math


Jason Sharony

Jason is a Spanish and mathematics teacher with a passion for art and languages. He came to his love of math later in life and loves helping other students discover that they actually like math, too. He has nearly two decades of experience teaching public school students, private school students, and homeschool students in the Atlanta area.

The desire to help students develop academic proficiency, the drive to achieve that proficiency in a self-directed way, and the skills to apply that proficiency toward their own ideas of future success inspired Jason to help found The Academy in 2016. 

Jason earned his B.A. in Romance Languages at the University of Georgia and spent a semester abroad at the University of Madrid. Jason attended law school at Northeastern University in Boston and has been a licensed neuromuscular therapist. Jason teaches individual and group classes in Spanish and high school math to homeschool students around the metro Atlanta area; he also tutors public and private high school school students.



Critical Thinking
Friday Enrichment


Shelly Denkinger

Shelly is a philosopher and teacher with a special interest in ethics, media studies, and Asian philosophy. Shelly teaches humanities classes and critical thinking at The Academy.

Shelly helped found The Academy in 2016, bringing her passion for critical thinking and Socratic education as a foundational guide for how classes at The Academy are structured. Shelly earned her B.A. in Philosophy at New College and completed her M.A. and Ph.D. coursework and exams in Comparative Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i. Shelly teaches philosophy, ethics, and logic at Georgia Perimeter College and has led philosophy classes for homeschoolers from elementary school through high school for the last four years.

Before moving to Atlanta in 2012, Shelly worked as an instructor and lecturer at the University of Hawai'i for ten years, teaching Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Asian Philosophy, Ethical Theories, and other philosophy courses. She has also taught reading enrichment and critical thinking classes to elementary through high school students. In addition, she has organized, moderated, and presented papers at international philosophy conferences. 






Amy Sharony

Amy is an editor and teacher with a special interest in feminist and poststructural theory, astronomy, and history. She is the best person to contact with questions about credits, transcripts, enrollment, and student life.

Amy supports the administrative work of the Academy, including helping parents and students with admissions, transcripts, and academic planning. She also teaches humanities, Latin, and AP classes in the high school and science classes in the junior high school. After earning her B.A. (English) and B.S. (physics) at Agnes Scott College, Amy went on to do her M.A. and Ph.D. work in English and comparative literature at Columbia University. She is the editor of home/school/life magazine, a secular homeschool publication, and a cohost of the Podcast with Suzanne and Amy, a fortnightly-ish podcast about homeschooling and reading.


Critical Thinking


Suzanne Rezelman

Suzanne teaches history, literature, and critical thinking at The Academy. She is one of the lead instructors for the Academy's junior high school program.

Suzanne Rezelman was a software engineer with Lotus Development until she decided it would be more fun to stay home with her first-born and homeschool.  18 years (and three more children) later, she has one child in college (at her alma mater, Georgia Tech), one child in high school, and two children still at home.  Homeschooling has allowed her to indulge her love of history and to spend way more time reading than any reasonable person could justify.  She is currently books editor for home/school/life magazine, a contributor to the home/school/life blog, and has taught homeschool classes in history and critical thinking.