Week 5

Week 5 Assignment Sheet (all the primary sources are linked here!)

  • You may want to note that you have two assignments included here that you’re turning in to me! The King George breakup letter is due next week. You have two weeks to work on the Recipe for Revolution — it’s due Week 7.

Week 4 Lecture Notes (featuring not-entirely random Beatles music and a really whackadoo tarring and feathering scene from the John Adams miniseries. Also I know somebody wants to put Abigail Adams on the wall of decent human beings.)

Apparently there is a whole world of colonial-themed music out there, and I feel that I would be remiss in my instructorly duties if I did not send you down this rabbit hole at least a little bit. (You guys, please watch King George III evilly eating grapes in the first one because it will make your day 5% better.)