Try It! High School Science: Understanding Evolution


Try It! High School Science: Understanding Evolution

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This is a free online class with limited space available. Please only sign your student up if you intend to participate in the class.

We can’t talk about biology without talking about evolution, but most students don’t have the opportunity for a thorough grounding in the development and significance of this big idea. This class will help with that! We’ll be exploring the ideas that would help Darwin develop his theory of evolution, including his scientific predecessors and travels on the HMS Beagle, discovering exactly what the theory of evolution says, and looking at some of the present-day implications and expansions of Darwin’s work. This is a high school history of science class with one at-home lab option.

This is a sample online class that gives you a taste of what learning at the Academy is like. It includes:

  • 4 recorded class sessions (available from June 3-July 19) that you can cover at your own pace

  • downloadable notes and supplementary materials for each class session

  • assignments for each class session to work on at home

  • live chat times each week to ask questions and get teacher support

  • one teacher-graded assignment (due by July 19)

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