Mock Trial


Mock Trial

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Fridays, 1-2 p.m.
The fall semester runs from Tu 9/3 to Fr 12/13. Fall break is the week of Thanksgiving.
 Shelly Denkinger and Amy Sharony
Prerequisites: None
Credits: 0.5/ semester (Social Studies/Elective) : This is a yearlong class.
Maximum Enrollment: 12
FEE: $200/semester for a la carte students; included with tuition for enrolled students

Put all those debate skills to work in Mock Trial! Each semester, we’ll tackle a specific case, giving students the opportunity to think like attorneys as they analyze and evaluate law, evidence, and information from the perspective of both the prosecution and defense. Students should be prepared to make oral arguments as an essential part of the class. Each semester will culminate in a full mock trial, with two sides arguing their case before an impartial panel of judges.

This class is an excellent opportunity for high school students to learn criminal law, legal processes, rights and responsibilities, and the United States justice process.

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Mock Trial is free for enrolled students at the Academy and will stand in for one of your required History requirements for the year; see Amy or Shelly to coordinate your class schedule.