Annotated Reading 101

Duration: 2 weeks (September, October, November, January, February, March, April)

Required Materials: All materials provided

Recommendations: Students in middle or high school who are interested in building strong note-taking skills may enjoy this course.

Instructor: Amy Sharony. Feel free to contact her with questions about this class.

NOTE: This is a two-week class, which can be taken at any time classes are in session. It does NOT include a live chat session, but you are welcome to contact Amy any time with questions or comments.

Annotated reading — which is really just a fancy way of saying “marking up your book as you go so you know what’s important” — can be an important tool in your critical reading arsenal, but like all tools, it may require a little practice to be truly useful for you as a reader. This class is an introduction to skills and strategies that can serve you well in annotated reading.