Duration: 6 weeks (October-November)

Required Materials: All materials provided

Recommendations: Students who are ready for high school level literature work will enjoy this class, which requires some critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Instructor: Amy Sharony. Amy teaches high school history at the Academy. Feel free to contact her with questions about this class.

U.S. history classes tend to spend ages on the Civil War and almost no time on Reconstruction — which is a problematic omission because Reconstruction is one of the most compelling, transformative, and (viewed with hindsight) heartbreaking periods of U.S. history. This was a period of progressive social, economic, and political change which made huge strides toward equality, which deserve to be celebrated — even though post-Reconstruction politics would undo most of them and paint the era as a political failure. We should talk more about Reconstruction — so we will!