Notes from the High School: Week 9

The Academy is a hybrid high school in Atlanta

It’s been a busy week! This can feel like a particularly hectic time of year as we’re moving into the homestretch and lots of projects, papers, and assignments are due. I encourage you all to make self-care a priority — make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and staying organized so that you don’t end up with a mountain of stuff due at one time.

In Humanities, some of us are starting off the day with the No Logo book club and some of us are reading Good Omens across the hall, and it’s funny how much random overlap there is between the end of the world and the persistence of brands in our everyday lives.

This is also the second week of Victorian poetry, where we dug into the work of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, including “The Lady of Shalott,” “The Passing of Arthur,” “Mariana,” “Ulysses,” and “Tithonus.” Our focus is on close reading of poetry, and I was really impressed with the work students did to break down stanzas of each of these poems. We’re finding several motifs that appear again and again: damsels in distress, allusions to Camelot, rhythm that reflects emotion, pictorial descriptions, and narrative storytelling. Next week, it’s on to Robert Browning and the dramatic monologue. Across the hall, students are continuing to read John Stuart Mill’s “The Subjection of Women” as they consider the reasons for and implications of feminism in the 19th century world.

This week marks our final week for Victorian Gender and Sexuality, and we’ve been talking about how the 19th century marks a shift in the construction of the queer/straight binary, basically by creating an opposition between homosexuality and heterosexuality. It was illuminating to look at previous binaries (such as fruitfulness/barrenness) and how they shifted into a perception of gender and sexuality that we take for granted today, even though in historical terms, it’s based on a fairly new construction. Final projects and essays for this class are due by next Tuesday. Next week, we split up for Class in the Victorian World and Debate.

In Latin 1, we reviewed the genitive case and worked on the chapter 7 translation together. (Everyone should be reviewing their chapter 7 vocabulary!) And in Latin 2, we’re looking at the genitive case again, too, focusing on its more complex use to indicate a relationship between two things. We’re working on some exercises to practice genitive case this weekend so we can dive into the dative case next week.

We did more SAT problems, more linear systems, more quadratic factoring, and more fractional and negative exponents in math this week.

Students in advanced Spanish ran the gamut of grammar this week, covering future, conditional, preterite, imperfect, present subjunctive, and even some auxiliary tenses. In beginning Spanish, we worked on preterite endings for specific subjects, commands, body parts, clothing, food, and animals and reviewed infinitives and prepositional phrases.

Kiera has been working incredibly hard to make this graduation extra-special for Reeve and Tommie, and we’re all getting excited about the big celebration on Saturday, May 4. As always, we’re encouraging everyone to attend by offering 10 points extra credit on the final exam of your choice to students who come out to celebrate — we’re such little community that it’s really great to be there to cheer each other’s big moments. :)