Notes from the High School: Week 12

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Our school goslings hatched this week! Their nest on the stairs down the building from us has become an annual tradition, and it’s always so exciting for all of us (and no doubt for the goose parents, too!) when the babies finally hatch.

We’re getting down to the wire, which means lots of final projects and papers are due, and students are getting ready for finals in two weeks. It can be hard to keep your momentum going as the term winds down, but these last projects and tests are important, so don’t let yourselves down now! 

In Jack the Ripper this week, we looked at the official case file and some of the popular subjects. We spent a lot of time talking about how the murders captured public interest — in London but also around the world — and how they ultimately may have contributed to much-needed reform in the East End slums. Across the hall, students continued to explore some of the classical philosophical arguments.

We finished our first read-through of The Importance of Being Earnest, and Amy was gratified that everyone was cracking up and saying “Wait, what!?” as we reached the hilarious conclusion. We rolled right back to Act I again so that we can get through two readings as a class. In Modern Utilitarianism, conversation about Peter Singer’s ethics continued.

We ventured into high society and into the Victorian workhouse this week in our exploration of Victorian class, and across the hall, students debated some pretty intense subjects, including capital punishment and euthanasia.

In Latin I, we’re really trying to nail down those last tricky grammar elements that are tripping people up, so we reviewed verb endings and adjective-noun agreement. In Latin II, the students are applying for a grant that will let them run a Latin camp for kids this summer, so we’ve been working on that — but we also have our final quiz of the year coming up next week.

In math and Spanish, lots of homework got returned and students reviewed their current grade status. Students also revisited a summary of the year’s material (which turns out to be a lot!), and everyone figured out a plan to finish this semester’s work on time.

Don’t forget if you want an Academy 2018-2019 t-shirt to bring a blank one with you to school on Tuesday — it’s free as long as you drop off a shirt! :)