Notes from the Junior High: Week 12

Hello from the Academy! Welcome to our weekly blog where we share what we’ve been working on in junior high. Let us know what’s happening with your middle schooler in the comments!

Things I Am Looking Forward To: less pollen (a girl can hope, right??), so that I don’t spend all day hopped up on allergy medicine; planning out my napping schedule once the summer begins; and our very first Junior High Parent Afternoon this upcoming Wednesday, where we will enjoy the students’ history presentations and talk about all the great plans for next fall!

To finish out our semester of Critical Thinking, we decide to go back to one of our very favorite projects: creating your own commercial! The students have broken up into teams to create products and come up with advertising pitches that include as many propaganda techniques (bandwagon, repetition, exigency, testimonial, etc.) as possible. (Extra credit goes to any team who decides to do a commercial for The Academy!) We’ll film our commercial the final week of school, but I’m hoping that some will be advanced enough to perform for the parents at the Junior High Afternoon. In Math, we’re busy wrapping up for the year and doing review.

We finished up Isabel Allende’s City of the Beasts in World Literature and I got to enjoy the various projects that each student had completed (including an art portfolio, interviews with the characters, and a couple of great book reviews). The students’ consensus seemed be that of the two novels we’ve read this semester, they preferred Nnedi Okorafor’s Akata Witch, so we did some contrasting and comparing of characterization, themes, setting, and plot for the two books. In Grammar we’re still working on simple, compound, and complex sentences, though it’s about time to finish up and do a semester review.

We’ve finally finished World War II in History! On Monday, we talked about the invasion of Germany and celebrated V-E Day, while on Wednesday we moved to the Pacific theater for the dropping of the atomic bombs and V-J Day. History projects are due next week - I can’t wait to see them!

In Biology, the students learned about genes and alleles and all sorts of genetic traits, which led to much comparing of eye colors, earlobes, and rolling of tongues, while in Cultural Geography, the week was spent creating a new type of review game. (Can you name the capital of Colombia while hopping on one foot?) Have a great week, everyone!